(Book Review) Harbors by Donald Quist

I’ve got a book review of Donald Quist’s essay collection, Harbors, up at Fourth & Sycamore. Harbors was published by Awst Press, an independent press supporting emerging writers, in 2016. This powerful book still lingers in my mind and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to review it. I hope it ends up in some additional hands as a result.

Fourth and Sycamore

Review by Emily Webber

Donald Quist’s essay collection, Harbors, is a small book under 150 pages and I read it over the course of three days in the early mornings and late at night. It is a book best read in private, quiet moments and at a time when there is so much chaos in the news —violence, anger, our inability to understand each other, I found in Quist’s essays a safe place. In the first section of the book Quist, who is an African American, reflects on growing up under racial discrimination in the South and the place he calls home. The second half of the book relates his experiences after he has moved to Thailand with his wife and how that impacts his perspective of America. Interwoven throughout these essays, he also shows the complexities of our relationships with each other. Even though I read these essays…

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